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August is National Wellness Month

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Hi there!

As a wellness professional, I so appreciate that self-care, managing stress, and promoting wellness routines is the national focus here in America this month. As the country, and the world, continue to be under very intense energy this year, there's no better time than the present to reduce stress by cultivating a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

This is the month to bring some awareness, acceptance, and then action around your habits. Gentle awareness of what is lacking, or even what's making you unhealthy is the first step because we don't know 'til we know. Accept that now is the time to make some adjustments, and then go for it and take the actions to implement the changes. It's helpful to keep in mind that moderation is best, as is consistency.

Life flows in cycles, so even if you're someone who tends to have all your ducks in a row, there's usually something in your life that could use some attention. Plus, humans are creatures of habit, and even a habit you might not think is affecting you, such as staying inside all day, or living with lots of clutter, does play a role in your physical, mental, and spiritual health over time.

Looking at the comprehensive list that Blessing Manifesting created, I see suggestions from each self-care category that I am slowly incorporating into my life to bring my mind, body, and spirit into better balance and health:

  • From the Physical, Emotional, and Social categories: Instead of exercising and walking alone every morning (a lonely Pandemic habit), I've been meeting and walking with a friend a couple of times a week. It's so much more fun to walk and talk with someone else! Plus, socializing during exercise is always a stress buster for me, which of course helps my mental health. I'm also re-incorporating stretching before and after my walks to keep my joints and muscles happy.

  • From the Spiritual category: Staying inside is another Pandemic habit that has stuck around for me, probably because I'm an introvert who really enjoys staying home. But, I'm bringing some awareness to this and accepting that I simply need to get out of the house, and even better, get out of town, more often. Wandering around in Nature, whether that's at the beach, in the Botanic Garden, or somewhere beyond the five boroughs of NYC (where I live) immediately boosts my mental and spiritual health.

  • And from the Work category: In this category, the word “breaks” jumped out at me. As I need more fun in my life, after every hour of sitting at my computer, I've committed to standing up and having fun with a short dance break.

What about you?

Anything from the list above that you want to add to your life this month?

I love hearing from you so leave me a comment and let me know!

XO Elyce

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