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Breathing Meditation

Practice Meditation

Seeking mental clarity?  Meditation can help.


The benefits of meditation include stress relief, improved focus, concentration, emotional resiliency, and a strong connection to your body and mind.

Learn the techniques of Mindfulness Meditation and be guided on how to create a daily practice completely integrated into your life.

What to expect:

Mindfulness Meditation helps create clarity, stability and strength for your mind, your body, and your emotions. Meditation helps you to feel better by lowering anxiety and stress levels and supports you in cultivating compassion for yourself and others. 


We will partner together to help you achieve your long-term mindfulness goals and to reduce your anxiety during stressful times.


Each session begins with a brief sequence of gentle stretching to release tension and prepare your body for sitting. Both guided and silent meditation will be practiced helping develop clarity, stability, and strength. Walking meditation can be taught as well.


Suggested reading can also be offered.


There is time for Q & A and feedback about your experience.

Sessions on are available Zoom or in-person.

Mindfulness Meditation Coaching is offered to individuals and couples.

Meditation Lunch and Learns are available for Corporate Office Wellness.


Please contact us with any questions and a 15-minute intake session.


A package of four 30-min sessions is $330.

These are non-corporate rates.


To bring mental clarity to your employees, contact us to learn more about Meditation Lunch and Learns or ongoing, weekly meditation sessions for your Employee Wellness Program.

ES Wellness is WBE certified with NYS and NYC.

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