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Private Sessions

Your time is precious, your needs unique, and you want one-on-one attention from an experienced teacher that you can’t get in a group class.


Perhaps you are a busy working mother who only has time early in the morning before most group yoga classes are offered, or you are recovering from an injury and need some modifications.   


Working together, we can help you feel your best.

With private yoga and meditation, you’ll have the dedicated attention of an expert teacher who will respond to your needs in the moment.

We will partner together to help you achieve your long-term goals. Maybe you want to learn modifications for yoga poses after an injury, move your body joyfully under the eyes of a supportive yoga teacher, adapt your yoga practice post-partum, or help reduce your anxiety during stressful times.

If you’re not sure what you need or want from your private yoga sessions, that’s ok too! I’m a very intuitive teacher. I’m able to notice your body and listen intently to help you develop a self-care practice that will be transformative. In each session, we’ll adapt to the moment and tailor a precise yoga practice that evolves as you do.

Services & Offerings 

Vinyasa Yoga

A flowing style of practice emphasizing the pairing of breath and movement steeped in mindfulness. Pacing and sequencing can be athletic or gentle, depending on your needs and wishes that day.

Chair Yoga/
Gentle Yoga

Yoga is practiced while seated in a chair and/or also on the floor. Chair yoga is a wonderfully supportive option for seniors, people with mobility issues, injuries, or absolute beginners.

Chair Yoga is also a wonderful offer for Workplace Wellness sessions.


A style of yoga that has less of a flow than Vinyasa. The practice incorporates breath, body, and mind, and sessions include breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation. A less sweaty option for Workplace Wellness sessions.

Black WomanMeditation.jpeg
Meditation Sessions

Practice the simple, yet not always easy, techniques of Mindfulness Meditation with the guidance of a teacher. Benefit from stress relief, improved focus, concentration, creativity, and emotional resiliency, while developing a strong connection between your body, heart, and mind.

Restorative Yoga

The yoga of deep rest and restoration, yoga poses are held for longer amounts of time while you are supported by the props. This practice helps to calm the nervous system so you can drop out of the stress response.

Ayurveda Yoga

Yoga for your Dosha (your constitution). Once you've had an Ayurveda Consultation, you can book follow-up sessions specifically geared to incorporating the yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditations that will help you feel the most balanced, centered, and supported.

How can we help? Book a call and let us know.

Private sessions are currently held on Zoom or in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Single sessions are $165.

For ongoing support, a package of 4-sessions is $600. 

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