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Relaxing Walking Meditation in Nature

Welcome to "May flowers". Besides being Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, May is also Arthritis Awareness Month, Better Sleep Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, National Walking Month, and Women’s Health Care Month. 


Wow, May has your back in terms of self-care awareness.


Try a Walking Meditation this week for your mental health. You'll want to leave your earbuds and headphones at home for this one. Here’s how to do it:


  • As you walk a bit slower than usual, let your eyes be soft. Take in colors, shapes, textures, light, and shadows. This is very restful for your eyes, your mind, and your spirit.


  • Open your inner ears, allowing the sounds around you to filter in and out, without attaching a story to the sound.

  • When you hear a bird singing, let that sound come in one ear and out the other without figuring out which bird is singing. Or, if a truck barrels down the street, let go of placing annoyance on that particular sound, or labeling it as a negative, interfering sound. 


  • Let the sounds filter through- in one ear and out the other. All sounds are neutral; not good, not bad. 


  • Breathe easily and naturally- in and out of your nose, keeping your eyes soft.


  • If you notice that you attach a story to a sound, just let it go. Let the sounds simply be sounds for right now.


  • Continue for several minutes. Notice how relaxing your attachment to sounds (and visuals) can positively affect your mind, your emotions, your breathing, and your body.


Add this Walking Meditation to your mental health self-care toolbox and remember to do it regularly over this month.

Wishing you a peaceful walk in nature,

XO Elyce

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