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Walking Meditation for Peace/Fundraiser for Ukraine.

Walking Meditation in Prospect Park on Saturday 3/5 from 10-11 am.

My family is Ukrainian. When my grandparents were teenagers, they were taken from their homes by Russian soldiers and forced to work in East Germany during WW2. Their names were included on a list of young, healthy, able-bodied people. They said goodbye to their families and their country. They worked for food and shelter and did not return home after the war but immigrated to America as refugees in the early 1950s. My parents were both born in work camps (in Germany and Belgium) and were 5 years old when they arrived in NYC. I'm a "first-generation-American" and still have family in Ukraine. I mention all this personal history because a wise friend told me that when we share our stories, we provide room for other people to share their stories- this is how healing happens. Even when the details are different, there are similarities that unite us. We are all having human experiences of life, love, loss, and death. I've been so unsettled this week and am getting this message out late, but I'm leading Walking Meditation this Saturday March 5 from 10-11 am in Prospect Park to walk for peace. This is a combo effort of walking for peace as the late Thich Nhat Hanh teaches in his How to Walk meditations and fundraising to donate to Ukraine. The Walking Meditation class is $20. Anything contributed above $20 will be collected for donation. You can also donate if you can not attend Walking Meditation in person, and you can participate in Walking Meditation and not donate to Ukraine. All are welcome. There are many ways to help Ukraine right now. I've decided to donate walking meditation proceeds to UNICEF. Founded in 1946 to help children after WW2, UNICEF has a solid history and commitment to supplying safe water, emergency supplies, and psychological support to children in war-torn countries. Donations for Ukraine/UNICEF can be sent to me via: Venmo: Elyce-Semenec (1795) Zelle: (NO Paypal- Paypal takes a fee of 2.9% so NO Paypal) Payments for the Walking Meditation class can be sent the same way, or with cash. I will send you an email confirmation of the donation. Let me know if you're joining us for Walking Meditation from 10-11 AM TOMORROW. We meet near the Audubon Center in Prospect Park.

Think Peace

Act Peace

Spread Peace

Imagine Peace

Peace is Powerful

Yoko Ono Please email me with any questions.

Peace, Love, and Light.

XO Elyce

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