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January Self-Care

How is your January going so far? This time of the year we are naturally more tired and feeling the pull of hibernation. A restorative, re-energizing self-care ritual that nourishes your soul is called for during the winter months.

If I can inspire you to do one thing this January, it's to make your self-care routine something that's sustainable, and maintainable, rather than an activity you only do every so often. Find something simple (maintainable) that you can do weekly (sustainable). Sticking with your routine, and letting it build into a ritual you are committed to, such as your weekly yoga practice that I know many of you have, will have long-term benefits for your mind, body, and mood.

Here's a personal example that's not yoga-related. In my house, I'm known for my Friday evening baths. Before making dinner, meaning, while I'm still awake and have some activities (such as dinner) to tend to, I get into a hot bath. This feels luxurious because I'm not pushing my self-care to the end of my day when I'm too exhausted to appreciate it. I add a cup of Epsom salts for my muscles, a few drops of essential oils for my senses, and some almond oil for my skin. I set a timer for 30-minutes and then it's me, and a book, in the tub.

When my bath is done, I feel relaxed and renewed because I optimized my self-care, restored my energy, and reconnected with myself.

What's a simple and consistent self-care practice that will restore your mood and your energy this month? Yes, to yoga. Yes, to meditation. Is there something else? Is it something you can commit to weekly over the winter months? Feel free to leave a comment below. I love hearing from you.

XO Elyce

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