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Consistency is better than all or nothing…

Guess what? You don’t have to practice yoga for an hour every day to be doing it "right”. Simply stretching, breathing, and moving mindfully a little bit every day is more beneficial than not doing anything, and then jumping into a class for an hour once a week (or once a month). Doing something good for your body (on most days of the week) is what will be best for you, your bones, joints, and muscles in the long run. As a yoga teacher, it's my understanding that yoga class is where we gather in a group throughout the week to explore and experience some details about yoga poses, breathing, or meditation together, with all our different body types, injuries, experience levels, and “life stuff”. This is where you gather information so you can re-create the poses on your own, in the way that best suits your body. Whether that's at the start of your day to help you wake up mindfully and set your intention, at the end of your day to consciously unwind and de-tangle tension, or at lunchtime to help you recenter your mind, body, and spirit; it's all good. If this suggestion to stretch and breathe has grabbed your attention but you don't know what to do for a few minutes or how to even get started, I'd suggest Sun Salutations or Suyra Namaskar. This flowing sequence warms everything up, moves circulation, and involves many parts of your body. Also, in Hindu mythology, the sun god, Surya, is worshipped as a symbol of health and immortal life. The Surya Namaskar prostrations originated as a Prayer to the Sun- the largest and hottest ball of fire that keeps us and our planet going. As we welcome March, and the Spring Equinox in a few weeks, honoring the mighty sun is in sync with the cycle of nature. To download the Sun Salutation sequence and move your body joyfully click here:

You've got to move it, move it...

With love, peace, and compassion,

XO Elyce


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