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Are you making time for Fun? What about Naps?

I ended up contracting the latest, highly contagious version of Covid, which is absolutely No Fun. But, since I'm not in a hospital bed hooked up to a ventilator and am instead at home, breathing well, and alive (!!!) I'm feeling good. If you think making Pro and Con lists are fun, there are 3 things of my Covid experience that could go on the Pro side: 1. I get to lie in bed all day, day after day. When have I ever done this? Never? 2. I read. In the past five days I’ve read “The Other Mother” by Rachel M. Harper, “This Time Tomorrow” by Emma Straub, and the latest The New Yorker magazine in its entirety. My friend dropped off “Strong Poison" which is a detective story by Dorothy L. Sayers that was published back in 1930. 3. I take a daily 1-hour nap. Yes. Every. Day. Just last week, B.C. (before Covid) I never considered naps at all, because I tend to get 8 hours of sleep each night which everyone agrees is Good. So, I never thought I “deserved” a nap. But now, I totally get it. Naps are a different thing entirely. They are a luxurious, yet essential, self-care activity that miraculously increases the abundance of everything wonderful about life. Writing this quick email to you, I’ve abruptly expended all my energy, and it’s time for me to rest. That's the thing with Covid, you're either ON or you're OFF. There's not an in between space for negotiating- “Well, maybe I can exert just a bit more effort"… Nope. I'm currently powering all the way down to zero, getting into nap mode. Let me know what fun things you’ve either done, or intend to do, this week. I love hearing from you and plan to live vicariously this week! XOOX Elyce



Wed Morning Stretch the 7-week Summer Series and the 3-month Summer Season begin TOMORROW. Thurs Rise & Shine at 7 a.m. also starts this week. I'm teaching Zoom yoga classes by sitting in front of the computer, giving instructions, and watching you. Like when we all used to be in the same room together and I would walk around and not do any poses…Put your self-care on your weekly calendar by clicking the link above to register. See you on your mat! Of course there is No Yoga in Nature class this Sat because of my Covid situation. XOOX


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