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Tending to your New Habits

I set out to create a new habit this year of going to the gym three times a week and lifting weights to develop my muscles and bone density. I joined a gym near me mainly because it has a Hydro Massage Bed. While I haven’t succeeded in going three times a week, my gym has started to feel like a new habit, and I've come to LOVE this massage bed. I guess this is obvious to others as well because whenever the guy at the front desk sees me he always points to me and asks, “Massage bed?"

Being the "massage bed lady" is perhaps not what you want to be known for at a gym, but I'm ok with it. I'm balancing effort and ease in my life. I've learned to use some machines and I join the intense muscle guys and girls in front of the mirror and do my free weight routine. After that, I get my 10-minute massage bed session and leave the gym feeling fabulous.

1). I've Left the House (LTH) - which is my main mantra for 2023 (Commitment).

2). I've been recognized by the front desk person (Connection).

3). I've worked out with others (Community).

I feel happy and like a success. Plus, my nervous system is relaxed because I've taken care of my stress by working out and breathing with intention as I do.

I encourage you to keep going with the new habits you are cultivating this year. By the way, I've made you a Free Resource to help you breathe deeply and relax your nervous system. Click here to join me on YouTube.

What healthy habits are you building this spring? Send me a message!

I love hearing from you and being inspired by you.

XO Elyce

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