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Mother Earth is waking up and so are we

The purple crocuses I’ve seen adding color to the landscape are proof that nature is slowly emerging from the dormant months of winter. Those of us feeling resistant to the season change, don’t worry, the Spring Equinox isn’t until March 21. There are still a few weeks to take things more slowly, eat warm soups, get cozy with our lovers, families, and pets, and sleep in. But nature is gradually waking up and as she does, she invites us to do the same. You might find that you are rising earlier some days, feeling the desire to move your body in the morning, or wanting to eat lighter and fresher. In yoga classes, we’ve added Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows Breathing) to our late winter/early spring practice. On the inhale the belly softens and expands as the arms lift up alongside the ears. On the exhale, the elbows come down by the ribs as the low belly is drawn in and up sharply. The arms going up and down, and the belly pumping out and in helps to oxygenate the blood and internal organs, including the brain, stimulates the internal fire in the belly (known in Sanskrit as Agni), and sends Prana, or life force energy, flowing in all directions in the body. All this activity is energizing, stimulating and helps dissolve energetic stagnation, feelings of resistance, and congestion. I always have a box of tissues nearby during this breathing practice! In terms of yoga poses in my classes this spring, gently warming sun salutations will move your body in all directions, easeful backbends bring awareness to the chest area, releasing tightness and congestion, and twisting poses neutralize the nervous system as we transition to a new season. If you are seeking some fresh foods, leafy lettuce with grated carrots and beets, or lightly steamed, bright green asparagus with arugula, mint, and shaved bits of parmesan cheese are a couple of tasty salads to add this week. Energy is the foundation of all things in life. Let's set the intention to slowly incorporate healthy movement, breathing, meditation, and foods that support our health and vitality.

Sending Peace, Love & Light

XO Elyce

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