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How to feel calm and centered.

Welcome to December. Happy Hanukkah! Happy Birthday to all you Sagittarius-born people who are reading this.

Is anyone feeling burnt out? Overstimulated? Decision-fatigued?

You are not alone. The past two years have been so intense. And it doesn't seem to be letting up. But if you can find a quiet place inside of you, for even twenty seconds, it will make a big difference. If you can take some moments each day to stop and center yourself, you will become the steady, stable tree trunk within yourself.

I will tell you 3 ways I get calm and centered:

1. Getting in touch with my breathing.

2. Going for a daily walk in the park.

3. Recommitting to my routines of going to bed by a certain time and waking up at a certain same time each day.

Here are some ways other people have told me they get calm and centered:

Being creative, listening to relaxing music, petting their pets, snuggling with loved ones, putting their hand on their heart.

What are the ways that YOU get calm and centered?

You know how to take care of yourself. When you put your energy into taking care of yourself, you empower the frequency of care and self-nurturing to grow.

In my yoga classes this month of December we will explore poses that help us slow down and be here now. This will help shift the internal tension we are collectively experiencing around the planet. We will get into your hips, sacral area, legs, back, and shoulders to release tightness and increase flexibility. This should also help you to feel uplifted and energized in a calm, steady way (versus frantic and panicked) this holiday season. As we move deeper into December, toward the Winter Solstice, I will add restful poses into classes to help you turn your attention inwards, nourishing your inner light and strength. Please join us in class. I'd love to see you on your yoga mat.

I'm also holding a Restorative Yoga Retreat right before the Winter Solstice to help you lower that stressy cortisol hormone several notches. I will share more info about that soon.

Please leave me a comment on the ways in which you connect with your inner calm. I love hearing from you! The tree pose photo above is by Carl Newton.

XO Elyce

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