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Through Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda
About Me




Hi! I’m Elyce Semenec, the founder of

ES Wellness.

I help women aged 35+ who are making a big impact in the world- but who are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by all they are doing- to create balance in their minds, bodies, and spirits with Yoga and Ayurveda routines so they feel centered, focused, physically flexible, and mentally adaptable; ready for the challenges of life, work, and leadership.

Let's work together to create more balance and flow between your body, heart, and mind so you have less exhaustion, and more energy and joy.

I’m a green tea-loving, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Mindfulness Meditation Coach with over twenty years of experience supporting women with sustainable and maintainable wellness routines. I'm also an artist, and a mother, who deeply understands how challenging it is for busy, impactful women to make time for themselves. 

Contact me with any questions and to set up an initial consultation. All ages, all bodies, and all walks of life are welcome.

  • Mindful, alignment based Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative or Chair Yoga.

    165 US dollars


Join us in weekly Yoga classes to feel grounded, centered, calm, relaxed, rejuvenated, strong, and empowered. Yoga helps to release stress and tension from your body and mind, it strengthens and lengthens your muscles, increases your flexibility, and helps you breathe more deeply and feel reconnected with yourself. 


Mindfulness Meditation helps create clarity, stability and strength for your mind, your body, and your emotions. Meditation helps you to feel better by lowering anxiety and stress levels and supports you in cultivating compassion for yourself and others. Your chattering mind may even become more peaceful. 


Ayurveda's emphasis is on healthy foods, daily rituals, meditations, breathing exercises, and yoga poses that best support your unique constitution, the season of the year, and the stage of life you are in. Adhering with Ayurvedic traditions, we use a comprehensive holistic approach to treat and integrate your body, mind, and spirit so you enjoy optimal health at any age.



One to one Private Yoga sessions, Meditation sessions, and Ayurveda consultations to help you achieve your wellness goals and see results.

Fun at Yoga

Our Spring Season Yoga Series and weekly group yoga classes are designed to help you feel centered, grounded, and empowered.

Child's Pose

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Corporate Yoga

These classes are tailored to meet the corporate client’s needs and can include yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques.

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Outdoor Meditation



Sarah Riggs,
Poet and Author.

I've been a student of Elyce's for years. I do everything I can with her- Private yoga and group yoga sessions, meditation, seasonal workshops and retreats, Yoga in Nature, yoga with my long as I'm with Elyce all is well and I'm doing great.

Pamela Roskin,
Jewelry Designer.

I’ve been practicing yoga with Elyce for six years. In that time, her commitment to balance, health, wonder, and humor has kept me sane! By teaching me to be gentle with myself, I’ve been able to heal my body and soul. I’m so grateful to have Elyce as a teacher in my life.

Robin Epstein, Artist.

I love my private Mindfulness Meditation sessions with Elyce. I benefit from the one-to-one, individual attention. Elyce is lovely to work with: her kindness, patience, calm demeanor, caring, and understanding are as important as the mindfulness practice. She is super insightful and so helpful. I highly recommend working with her.

NYS and NYC WBE Certified

ES Wellness is excited to announce that we are a certified WBE with


Looking to contract a certified WBE Yoga and Meditation Instructor

for your Employee Wellness Program or Lunch and Learn speaking engagements?


Contact Us Today!

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